Third batch of Community Uplift Initiative flowers update (2020)

I started the Community Uplift Initiative about two weeks ago now. The idea is to bring flowers with handwritten notes to people who have been nominated to receive them as well as to random families.

To keep everyone safe I wear a mask and gloves to process, design and deliver the flowers. Additionally, I have been doing contactless deliveries and leaving the arrangements on front steps, ringing the doorbell and/or texting the recipient to let them know to check for their flowers.

The third batch of flowers (50 arrangements) were all delivered yesterday (Wednesday May 6th) about half of a week before Mother’s Day! The color palette I choose for this batch was bright yellow and muted purples along with the sweet white stock (I love how stock smells! It is fairly irresistible if you ask me!) I wanted to pick something totally different from the hot pinks /deep purples for this batch.


As I was making this batch of arrangements about 35 new people were nominated for the next batch already! It is really picking up speed, which is super exciting! I am hoping to continue this project until things settle down with Covid-19 as I feel these flower gifts are a really important visual representation of love and kindness during a time that is so deeply difficult and unsettling for everyone.


I have been making these arrangements at cost because I strongly feel that they are answering a real need in our community for connection. I don’t require anyone to donate in order to send theses flowers to their nominees or to themselves.

At this point 127 arrangements have been delivered through the Community Uplift Initiative all across the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago within 30 minutes of Tinley Park where my home studio is located. You have also already raised $1140 for the initiative!! I am planning to make and deliver two more batches of arrangements next week (shortly after Mother’s Day)! We’ll see what the next color palettes will look like!!

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