The Farmer's Market Season has begun again!! (Summer 2021)

I’m so excited for the farmer’s markets this year! Today is the opening day for Evergreen Park and although it is a bit rainy today it has already been so nice being able to start catching up with everyone who has stopped by so far.

So far the lilies that I brought today for the first time have been quite popular, so I suspect I will be featuring them more frequently this summer. Keep in mind with lilies that they are not safe for cats or dogs. Even the pollen if it gets on their fur can be quite dangerous for them as they go to clean themselves.


Beautiful and fragrant, but super dangerous for cats and dogs

Starting in June I’ll also be at the Oak Lawn market on Wednesdays from 7-1 and at the Mother McAuley market in Mount Greenwood on second and fourth Saturdays.

It would be great to see you at one of my markets this summer if you are nearby.

My favorite photo from the first day

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