Spreading Joy Through the Gift of Flowers

I’m sorry I had basically gone radio silent for a while. When everything started being affected by Covid I felt fairly hopeless and unmotivated for a while. For a good month I basically hibernated, went on walks and played computer games.
the other day though I started receiving orders again seemingly out of the blue. One of the first orders I took was for this arrangement below for Administrative Assistant’s Day. In order to get enough flowers to make it the way I wanted to I overbought a bit.


I also have a bunch of really cute bud vases that I initially had different plans for but I thought it would be fun to bring some small flower arrangements to my neighbors as gifts just to try to spread some joy during this rough time we are all going through together. I delivered three arrangements to random houses in my neighborhood. One of the recipients came out on her deck to tell me the flowers were beautiful and that I had made her day!


Today I got a call from Tony who owns Tony’s Villa Rosa Pizzaria in Frankfort. He told me that his mom was one of the recipients of the flowers yesterday and that it made her so happy he wanted to pay it forward. He offered to send a free pizza to my husband and I as a way of paying it forward and I am so excited to eat some delicious pizza this afternoon!


I am feeling so inspired now to do more of these random flower deliveries. If you know someone in the area (Tinley Park, Orland Park, Frankfort or other nearby places) that is lonely and could use some cheering up nominate them through the nominations tab or click the nominate button at the bottom of this post and I’ll try to send something small to everyone I receive requests for. I’m also going to see about sending out some free flower gifts with pizzas from Tony’s restaurant to spread them a little further. If you feel like you want to donate towards this effort you can go to the shop tab on the website or click the donate button at the bottom of the post.

Given how serious Covid is I won’t be able to deliver to hospitals or nursing homes for the time being but I can definitely do contactless deliveries to houses and apartments.


Stay safe, healthy and bright friends!

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