New website endless possibilities!

Hi there!! I’m so excited to unveil my new website because it is not only beautiful (I think so anyway), it has so many options to customize and make it my own. It is a fair bit more expensive with the apps I’ve chosen then my old website but it should allow me to confidently stay open for significantly more of the year with the ability to take orders with built in preparation time. This means that now when you order from my website you can be confident that I will be able to deliver for you on the day you select because I am able to quite specifically set all of my availability in the background. There may still be times when I won’t be able to get all of the colors shown in the product photos (if that happens I will make sure to reach out to talk through options before I go ahead with making your order) this is because at the time of writing I am running quite a small business and while I often make trips to the wholesaler for specific orders, there will be times I will have fresh flowers in studio from a previous order that I may be able to use for your order to more efficiently use fresh product. 

I was also able to set a delivery calculator up in the background that will calculate your delivery charge based on your the distance of the delivery address from my studio (our house in Tinley Park). I was even able to specify which products can only be delivered locally and not shipped which will allow me to continuously offer shippable items like lavender and (in warmer months, air plant goodies!!) alongside the fresh arrangements.

I’m even able to set a limit for how far out products can be ordered for delivery so that I can feel more confident in case I do get pregnant (we are trying currently!) that I will not feel too overextended depending on how things progress and how my energy levels are. 

I also recently discovered how easy it will be in the future to switch between different holiday themes and customized website settings so that everything is cohesive and streamlined. This also means that I may be able to quite easily switch up the entire look of my website which just sounds fun to me!!

Can you tell I’m excited?! Thanks for reading all of this! This is officially my most nerdy website development post to date on my blog I believe! 

Oh! I also found out just a little bit ago that on Canva Pro I can remove the backgrounds from my photos pretty easily (though I haven’t been able to test that just yet as I’m writing this from my phone). This means you can possibly expect even more polished looking photos of flowers, lavender and plants in the very near future!

One big last note, I am so impressed with Shopify’s customer support. They have smart helpful folks working 24/7 on their chat support team answering questions and making sure everything is working right. I have taken up so much of their time over the past week or so and somehow no matter when I’ve contacted them I’ve always been matched up with a support person within less than a minute! Incredible!

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