I promised Kitten Photos!!! Here they are from when they were so tiny!!!

Hi everybody!!! So, our good friends were adopted by a stray kitten this spring. I say they were adopted by her because she showed up meowing at their door and dashed inside as soon as they opened the door. They checked her for a chip and put up posters/posted on Facebook and when no one responded, they officially adopted her because she is so sweet. She turned out to be pregnant with five kittens. Since the week that they were born we were able to go visit them about 1-2 times a week and it was really something special to be able to watch them grow from teeny tiny baby kittens into the rambunctious much larger (but still quite small) kittens that live with us today! Our friends now have five cats as they already had two when Roxy (the momma) showed up and they are keeping two of her kittens as well. The last kitten was adopted by the mayor of Lockport.

Kokoro (meaning heart in Japanese) is our little black cat (he’s got quite a bit of brown and almost tiger stripes in bright light!) he is super cuddly and sometimes falls asleep in our hands on his back. Such a little love!

Tip is our creamy grey and black kitten. She was named tip because the tip of her tail is white and that is how they told her apart from one of the other kittens with nearly identical markings :) I also sometimes think of her name as Thip (pronounced the same, but more like a Thai girl’s name). And I speak a bit of Thai to her here and there :)

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