Floralore was on the news!!!

It was a whirlwind over here in terms of press coverage for Floralore. As soon as the article was released online from the Daily Southtown of the Chicago Tribune, I got an email from FOX 32 asking to interview me for a segment on their daily news called Lovin’ Local where they highlight local businesses in the area. I excitedly accepted their offer and prepared for the interview which was done over Zoom from the comfort of my own living room! Technology is pretty incredible these days!


Initially I figured I would be fine in terms of nerves, since I feel decently good at public speaking etc, but I was utterly unprepared for how nervous I actually was once I was let into the Zoom room and saw the live news on the other camera. Kiki was nearby, so I scooped her into my lap to help me stop shaking! But, once the interview started I found I shook even more. At some point Kiki jumped out of my lap (probably in response to my shaking). Of course, the news is always delayed by a little bit so that they can catch things like that, and so Kiki never made her presence known on live TV that day.


If you’d like to see the interview, I’ll post a link to it here

I am absolutely thankful for the opportunity to talk about Floralore on television and was truly blown away by the article in the Southtown. It will be exciting to see where the future will take me and Floralore.

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